Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club

Life Members

Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club

McEwan P.
Barringer J.
Spear B.
Cusack D.
Bull C.

High School Old Boys’ Cricket Club

Colville D.
Smith L.
Taylor N.
Eltoft T.
Hadlee W.
Shipley F.
Small P.
Snook C.
Shipley D.
Baxter I.
Harrington E.
Jones O.
Anderson C.
Victor K.
Archbold D.
Goodliffe S.
Stanbury R.
Threthowan W.
Wardrop R.

Old Collegians Cricket Club

Prior to 1968:
Tothill T.S.C.
Pidgeon E.G.
Saunders J.C.

Alpers P.H.
Hamilton C.G.F.C.
MacGibbon A.R.
Saunders R.C.
Wauchop H.H.

Johnston H.

MacBeth N.L.
Moffat M.J.
Hughey D.B.
Tocker J.M.

Dawson J.H.M.
Gibson T.D.
Hammond R.H.
Hutchinson O.A.

Banks D.S.
Pidgeon B.S.
Cartwright B.I.

Harrison I.

Whitley R.H.

*These are the life members according to our records. If you know of others not mentioned on this list please get in touch with us.